Artificial Grass Supplied & Installed Leeds 2024

Is your garden looking tired and muddy? Artificial turf is the answer, Your Artificial Grass Ltd is the place to transform your garden. Our fake grass is both child and pet friendly.  We supply both schools and nurseries as our grasses are specifically designed for children.


We have a pet friendly range suitable for the biggest dogs. We supply and install across the whole of Yorkshire and provide and design, supply and installation service.

Whether your looking for artificial grass in your front garden or fake grass in your rear garden we are sure to have the right product for you.


We can post a free sample boxes of our astro turf so you can see the quality of our grasses. We have a budget range of fake grass. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.

Calling all landscapers & Artificial Turf Installers

Do you install fake grass? We are the company for you! At Your Artificial Grass we supply companies from every corner of the U.K from London to Edinburgh.

Our astro turf has proven extremely popular with our current trade partners. Whether its domestic or commercial we have the grass of artificial grass to suite you. We have a child friendly and pet friendly range. These are perfect for schools and nurseries.

Our fake grass comes in 2m, 3m, 4m & 5m widths and up to 30m in lengths.

Supply & Installtion Quote With Your Artificial Grass – Get Fake Grass Installed


Get in touch with our award winning team to discuss how we can transform your garden our outdoor space.  We cover the whole of Yorkshire

Are you looking to change your natural lawn to an artificial solution? Here at Artificial Grass Online, we can provide a wide range of fake turf and artificial grass in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We offer a complete supply and fit service, in addition to premium artificial grass for homes and businesses of all kinds. Thanks to our comprehensive service, and competitive pricing structure, you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest-quality fake grass for your space. Whether you’re looking for a practical astro turf alternative, or premium coloured artificial grass in Leeds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our local team today.

Artificial grass is an extremely popular solution as it requires very little maintenance and can provide you with a luxury appearance all year round. It is also extremely durable making it a great surface for children to play on during all seasons of the year unlike grass. No more will you need to get the mower out of the shed or clean your kids’ shoes when they have been playing in the garden.

If you’re interested in having a quote, then look no further than Your Artificial Grass. We provide our customers with a comprehensive service to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. You can call us on 0113 418 0271 or contact us on our contact form and our experienced team will call you back at a convenient time. Whether you’re looking for artificial grass in Leeds or elsewhere in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.
Having fake turf installed in your garden is becoming more and more popular with busy households. With our fake grass been child and pet friendly makes it perfect option for a beautiful garden 365 days per year.

Artificial Grass 2024

Are you thinking of artificial grass this year?

You’re in the right place. Your Artificial Grass is one of the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality fake grass and artificial turf, providing durable and resilient products that are built to last.

The Best Fake Grass in the UK

Our cheap artificial grass provides an easy and affordable way to give your garden the luxury finish it deserves. Perfect for petskidsand families, our fake grass rolls come in varying widths and thicknesses to help you achieve the ideal look with little maintenance required.

Browse our huge selection of grass below, or scroll down for more info on the benefits of artificial turf over a traditional lawn.

Lets Recycle Artificial Grass In 2024

Why do we need to recycle Artificial Grass?

• Recycling artificial grass reduces its environmental impact, preventing tons of non-biodegradable waste from ending up in landfills.

• Recycling conserves valuable resources, such as plastics and rubber, promoting responsible resource management.

• By recycling, we reduce the need for energy-intensive production processes, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation.

• Embracing recycling supports the development of a circular economy, where materials are reused and repurposed, reducing the strain on natural resources.

• Encourage sustainable landscaping practices by recycling artificial grass, promoting greener and eco-friendly outdoor spaces.

• Recycling artificial grass helps combat the problem of illegal fly tipping, ensuring that this waste is properly managed and disposed of.

What we do:

Convenient Delivery: We simplify recycling with direct site delivery of a pallet and ton bag, equipped with a strap for hassle-free handling.

Efficient Collection: Leave the logistics to us; our team arranges smooth pallet and waste artificial grass collections, ensuring your recycling process is seamless and worry-free.

Drop Off Option: In Nottingham, we offer eco-conscious waste drop-off options with discounted rates, reducing operating emissions and supporting sustainability.

Sustainable Recycling: Our recycling facility in Nottingham specializes in processing waste artificial grass, guaranteeing environmentally responsible material handling.

Repurposing for Sustainability: Through our recycling efforts, discarded artificial grass finds new life as valuable items like benches and chairs, contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly future.

Environmental Responsibility: Opt for our recycling scheme to actively reduce landfill waste, promote material reuse, and champion environmental protection.


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Artificial Grass Designed For Children

At Your Artificial Grass Ltd we have designed an artificial grass with children in mind!


Our new Family 40mm is an exciting product for the Autumn/Winter 2023 and is already proving very popular with our trade partners.

It has a slightly darker colour makes this grass look superb in the sunlight. Although been extremely soft underfoot, it is one of our most hard wearing grasses within our range.

The grass is available in 2m, 3m, 4m & 5m widths and upto 25m in length.



Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are several benefits for having artificial grass installed, including the following:


The primary benefit of fake grass is low maintenance, obviously requiring no mowing or trimming whatsoever. Having artificial grass installed will prevent weed growth and patching, as this type of lawn material is not susceptible to diseases.

Lower outgoings

As little to no maintenance is required for artificial grass, you will not have to spend money on products such as fertilizer, pesticides and garden tools. You will also use less water, as artificial grass does not need to be watered regularly.

Enhanced aesthetic

Artificial grass offers an all-year-round aesthetic which does not change, regardless of the weather. This means your garden will look great even during heavy rainfall or snow.

Reduced mess

Having artificial grass installed means you can avoid mud build-up during rainy seasons, which will ensure your garden is pristine. It also reduces the amount of dust and debris that clings onto the grass, as some types of turf have a low static charge.

Weather resistant

Artificial grass is water and weather resistant so should last for a number of years before it needs replacing. This means it will not be affected by water logging or sunlight, as most turf installations are robust and have a high melting point.


What Can Artificial Grass be Used for?

There are a variety of uses for artificial grass, with many choosing it for their front or back garden lawns, especially if they have children or pets. It is also ideal for areas where sport is played, such as tennis courts and football pitches which have a heavy footfall. You could also use it inside your home, with one of the most popular applications being indoor gyms.

If you have children, you may want to invest in artificial grass in play areas inside and outside of your home. This will prevent damage to your grass, as artificial grass is more robust than real grass.

You may also want to use it to improve the aesthetic of your home, for instance, you may want to install it on top of decking or balcony flooring, which will brighten it up and create the illusion of more green space.