Commercial Artificial Grass

Artificial turf does so much more than make a garden look pretty. 

It can provide real, profitable benefits to your business or public organisation. 

Working alongside you, we design and install bespoke synthetic lawn solutions that help you achieve your commercial goals.

Take a look at some of the sectors we serve. Don’t see your sector? No worries. Speak to our specialist team to discuss your specific needs. Chances are, we can help. 

An event, possibly a movie premiere, with red carper and artificial grass

Schools and nurseries

Children benefit greatly from being outdoors – it promotes well-being and provides rich learning experiences. So it’s vital that your outdoor environment is safe, stimulating and enjoyable. 

Your Artificial Grass provides an ideal solution.

  • Lush lawn that provides a soft landing for any tumbles
  • Vibrant, natural colours that kids will love
  • Durable turf that won’t wear away no matter how many little feet trample it
  • Mess-free lawn all year round – keep your uniforms clean and your classrooms free of muddy footprints
  • Low-maintenance artificial turf that saves you time and money over the years – perfect for schools on a tight budget.
A wooden walkway with a slide and artificial grass below
An indoor sports area with artificial grass

Sports pitches 

Gone are the days of rock-hard artificial sports pitches covered in sand. These days, players demand more.

We supply and install synthetic sports surfaces that perform, look and feel like the real thing. 

  • Soft underlay that reduces the risk of injuries
  • Natural texture that supports realistic ball movement
  • Authentic look that appeals to players and spectators
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant, allowing you to profit from your pitch in all seasons for years to come
  • Save huge amounts of money on mowing, irrigating, and seeding
  • Custom pitch markings to accommodate several sports

Care homes

Your residents deserve a safe and enjoyable environment. Your Artificial Grass provides an elegant and economical way to brighten up your care home. 

  • Immaculate lawns that create a pleasant, relaxing environment
  • Excellent drainage that reduces the risks of slipping when wet
  • Level and even surfaces that limit trip hazards and are suitable for wheelchairs and other mobility aids
  • Requires very little maintenance, freeing staff up to care for residents and reducing running costs
  • An attractive area for group activities and visits from relatives of all ages

Retail displays 

Whether it’s a shop window, market stall or trade show booth, adding a touch of natural-looking fake grass can really draw attention.

  • Bring a creative outdoor theme to your display
  • Vibrant natural colours catch the eye of passers-by
  • Provides a comfortable and pleasing walking surface for your store
  • Easy to install and remove, so it’s great for portable displays
  • Our Eco grass is great for temporary displays as it can be fully recycled after use, boosting your green credentials