Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are several benefits for having artificial grass installed, including the following:


The primary benefit of fake grass is low maintenance, obviously requiring no mowing or trimming whatsoever. Having artificial grass installed will prevent weed growth and patching, as this type of lawn material is not susceptible to diseases.

Lower outgoings

As little to no maintenance is required for artificial grass, you will not have to spend money on products such as fertilizer, pesticides and garden tools. You will also use less water, as artificial grass does not need to be watered regularly.

Enhanced aesthetic

Artificial grass offers an all-year-round aesthetic which does not change, regardless of the weather. This means your garden will look great even during heavy rainfall or snow.

Reduced mess

Having artificial grass installed means you can avoid mud build-up during rainy seasons, which will ensure your garden is pristine. It also reduces the amount of dust and debris that clings onto the grass, as some types of turf have a low static charge.

Weather resistant

Artificial grass is water and weather resistant so should last for a number of years before it needs replacing. This means it will not be affected by water logging or sunlight, as most turf installations are robust and have a high melting point.


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