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Avon 40mm – £16.99 Per m2


A new grass that’s proving a big hit! The darker tones and long pile height give this great-value artificial lawn a luscious, natural look that’s great for gardens. The taller grass also creates an ideal cushioned surface for active kids to play.


MULTI-DIRECTIONAL 40mm – £21.99 Per m2


The blades of this artificial lawn spread in all directions – combined with the tall pile height, this creates an irresistibly authentic look. It could make cleaning pet mess a little trickier, so it’s perfect for a showpiece ornamental lawn.


Thames 40mm – £24.99 Per m2


Perhaps the most natural-looking lawn in our range. The densely packed and subtly tricoloured blades create a look of refined yet authentic beauty.


URE 40mm – £9.99 Per m2


This new product offers exceptional value for money, with a soft feel and natural look at a very affordable price. This makes it a favourite of our trade customers, but it’ll look great in your garden too.


Wye 42mm – £11.49 Per m2


A great-value option if you prefer a more rustic look to your lawn. The tall pile height gives it that natural, uncut appearance while also offering a soft feel.